Sunday, 27 May 2012

Film Noir

I dressed up and made Cocotier dress up with me and made a set of images themed on 'Film Noir' a debatable subject as to whether it is actually classed as a genre on it's own or not. It emerged around the same time as the saying 'Femme Fatale' common themes including; Black and white, grainy images, short curly hair, slightly evil but seductive poses, defined eyebrows and smoking.
Below are the images, enjoy!

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Bottled Happiness

So me and Kiwi Wallis go through creative stages. Lately we've been having a blank but the idea to fill bottles with coloured happiness happened today spontaneously. We had a talk about how we all live in the same very average and boring area yet some of us seem happier than others. We concluded that it's because the people bring the happiness onto themselves. No fun? Make some.
Here are some pictures of the happiness we created today, the ingredients are secret.

I'm filling up on my colours. Each colour is a different personality and works in a different way. I drank all the colours and now I feel great.

Kiwi Wallis and Ananas - it's happy time!

Interesting, mixing the personalities.

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